Dynomax Chassis



The DynoMax
Now with Independent Front Suspension!

The DynoMax chassis is the base upon which each coach is built. And now for 2000, every coach features Independent Front Suspension. Combine this with the structural integrity, inherent rigidity, stability and "smooth as silk" air ride suspension, and you'll fully appreciate the DynoMax's excellent driveability. Why DynoMax? You've heard the same chassis feature/benefits requested time and time again--stability, maximum horsepower, a hefty GVW and GCW rating, excellent fuel mileage and a smooth ride. A tough order? Country Coach has gone to the drawing board to deliver all these attributes in the DynoMax chassis.

Engineered by CC Chassis Specialists
Building the chassis within our own manufacturing facilities means we control the quality every step of the way. You'll see that commitment to quality reflected in the work ethic, technical expertise, and attention paid to detail by our craftspeople who construct this rugged coach foundation using only the very finest components available. For ease of maintenance, a special rear bulkhead facilitates connections for chassis air, hydraulics and electrical systems between the front end of the coach and the rear engine compartment.

Weight Info
Using a bridge structure of welded tube steel, the chassis have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 32,200 pounds and a 39,200 pounds Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating. 

Handling Attributes
This semi-monocoque design results in strength, rigidity, and a "V weight distribution". This "V weight distribution" transfers weight and stress to the center of the coach for a low center of gravity delivering exceptional handling and ride, while providing that highly prized unobstructed basement storage (up to 195 cubic feet).

The powerful 275 horsepower Cummins ISC engine delivers 800 pounds per foot of torque (or, opt for the 330 horsepower engine with a whopping 950 pounds per foot of torque). Equipped with Cummins ISC 330 horsepower engine (950 pounds per lbs/ft of torque), or you may opt for the Cummins ISC 350 horsepower with a whopping 1050 lbs/ft of torque.  Whatever your motorcoach preference, you'll find plenty of power to make the grade!

For DynoMax Chassis information please call: (800) 654-0223 or (541) 998-3001

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