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Air-Ride Steer and Drive Axle Suspension System

We teamed our Diesel Pusher Chassis with Neway's Steer and Drive Air-Ride Suspension System. The result is the best ride in the mortorhome industry. Rivaled only by the premium Freightliner "Powerliner" chassis.

Neway Air-Ride gives you the softest ride in the industry, and excellent roll stiffness. So your motorhome can glide through even tough mountain curves with a minimum of lean. Reliability is assured because all suspension components are similar to those used on Freightliner heavy duty class 8 trucks and tractors. It's the ultimate performance and reliability package you've been looking for.

Steer Axle Air Suspension For Motorhomes
  • Up to 12,000 lb. Capacity (ground load).
  • Dual height control valve air control system.
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Drive Axle Air Suspension For Motorhomes
  • Up to 20,000 lb. Capacity (ground load)
  • Single height control valve air control system
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Engine Caterpillar CFE 3126 7.2 L electronic diesel

Peak Hp: 300 Hp @ 2,200 rpm
Peak Torque:860 lb-ft (I 166 N-m) @ 1,440 rpm

Transmission Allison MD3060 six-speed automatic with lock up

Gear Ratios:
First:         3.49:1
Second:    1.86:1
Third:       1.41:1
Fourth:     1.00:1
Fifth:          .75:1
Sixth:         .65:1
Reverse:  5.03:1

Vehicle Weight Ratings

Front GAWR    9,350 lb (4245 kg)
Rear GAWR    17,000 lb (7718 kg)
GVWR          26,350 lb (II 963 kg)
GCNW        31,350 lb (14 233 kg)

Wheelbase   228 in (5791 mm)

Front Axle  Rockwell FD-965 I-Beam, wide track

Capacity              10,500 lb (4762 kg)
Track Width         81.9 in (2080 mm)

Rear Axle    Rockwell RS-17-145

Drive Ratio:         4.63:1
Capacity        17,500 lb (7945 kg)
Track Width    72.1 in (1830 mm)

Brakes   Full air brakes with auto slack adjusters

Front and Rear Service:     15 x 4 in (front) and 16.5 x 7 in (rear) drum-style S-cam
Parking:    Spring applied air release 16.5 x 7 in drum-style S-cam (rear axle) Push-pull button controlled automatic park brake

Cooling System

Radiator Core:    3 rows, 13 FPI, 910 in'(5871 cm2) area
Radiator Type:      Cross-flow, rear mounted
Charge Air Cooler:         Cross-flow
Transmission Oil Cooler:     Remote mounted water-to-oil
Fan:       Belt driven

Electrical System

Alternator:    Leece-Neville 160 amp
Starting:  Delco 37MT, 12 volt
Battery:    Two 950 CCA @ 0F (-l8C); maintenance-free

Frame    Straight Frame Rail Construction

Max Resist. Bending Moment: 291,000 lb-in (32892 N-m)
Max Frame Section   9.00 x 2.75 x.25 in (229 x 70 x 4.8 mm)

Fuel Tank

90 gal (341 L), right fuel fill

Steering System   TRW TAS 65, integral hydraulic power gear

Rating:                12,000 lb (5448 kg)
Ratio:                           20.4:1
Pump                Gear-driven
Wheel Cut       50

Suspension   Neway air suspension (front and rear)

Shock Absorber:    Tuned shocks, Bdstein
Heavy Duty Stabilizer Bar Diam. 1.50 in (38 mm) (front)

Tires  Six Michelin XRV 235/80R 22.5, LRG


Six steel 22.5 x 7.5 (522 x 91mm) with 8 bolt lugs
10.82 in (275 mm) diameter bolt center


Gauges: Speedometer with odometer - Tachometer-Engine Oil Pressure - Water Temperature -Voltmeter - Fuel Level - Dual Air Pressure


Tradewinds by National RV Custom Chassis Features

  • 13.2 CFM air compressor

  • 70 in (1770 mm) front overhang

  • Farr Eco-air cleaner

  • Air filter restriction indicator

  • Neway air ride suspension /tuned Bilstein shock absorbers

  • VIP 18" steering wheel

  • Douglas tilt/telescoping steering column

  • Six Michelin XRV 235/80R 22.5, LRG tires

  • Fuel/water separator

  • Insulated heater hose assembly to front of chassis

  • Hitch bracket

  • 1000 watt in-block engine heater

  • Jacobs extarder exhaust brake

  • Electronic cruise control with high idle

  • Midland Pure Air Plus heated air dryer

  • Push button shift control with integral ECU

  • R- 134A air conditioning system

  • Alternator Leece-Nevifle 160 amp

  • Manual dump valve for air suspension

* Reference only. For certified dimensions, consult Freightliner Custom Chassis Coporation. Specifications are as of 11/01/97, and am subject to change without notice. Ratings are general guidelines. Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories but may not include all standard equipment. To order mom service publications call 1-800-783-6131.