As Mentioned earlier: the mountain Master is Americas’ most popular premium, high horsepower diesel pusher platform and is Spatan’s  flagship motorhome product. This world class platform is customized to suit the specific “Performance and Luxury” need of discriminating motorhome owners worldwide
Special features and 
benefits include:
• The revolutionary new Spartan Independent Front Suspension (IFS.) is now available on all Mountain Master series chassis


Convenience & Security Convenience, security, very few fillups, that is what Spartan’s inboard mounted 150 gallon fuel tank does for you. In addition to the large fuel capacity, tanks are available with dual side fills. This allows you to specify fill ports on both sides of the motor-home for your convenience. We know what it is like to move around a motorhome when you pull up on the wrong side of the fuel station.


•  Side Mounted Radiator
- Provides minimal power drawn from the engine (the fan is not driven directly from the engine). It also provides maximum cooling efficiency as the air is much cleaner on the side than in the rear of your RV (just look at the back of the coach after a long trip). Finally, it allows ease of access to engine compartment area. A rear mount radiator can make access to the belts, dip stick and other service points less convenient as the radiator sits right behind the engine; in essence, it blocks your access. The side mount radiator totally opens up the rear engine compartment for ease of service and maintenance.

 • Exhaust Brake
- For added safety and security; exhaust brakes are available and a common option on most Mountain Master chassis. The exhaust brake literally uses engine back pressure to help slow the vehicle down. This not only reduces brake lining wear but is a very noticeable benefit on steep grades.

 High Performance & Power
- Cummins’ state-of-the-art ISC, 300 h.p. to 350 h.p. diesel engine, coupled with the Allison MD-3060/MD-3066 speed electronic transmission, moves you to where you want to go fast and safely. Adding to the performance is the ability to customize the G.V.W’s of your Mountain Master from 25,000 lbs. to 33,700 lbs. to meet your specific needs.

FullAir Brakes
- For optimum safety and virtually maintenance free performance. You should demand the maxi­mum in stopping power, and Spartan’s full air brake system has enough built-in capacity to stop your coach many times over. Safety is the key and in essence you have three separate systems
— the front, the rear and a mas­sive emergency park brake system
— all separated from each other. Plus the Spartan Park/Emergency system provides 400% more surface area than a typical lower cost drive line brake, ensuring the maximum margin of safety.

 Master Shutdown Switch
- This switch is located in the rear engine compartment for your safety and convenience. Whenever you are working in the rear of the coach, turning this switch off pre­vents anyone from inadvertently starting the vehicle up front and possibly causing injury.

 Automatic Slack Adjustment
- Adjusts your brakes automatical­ly to the proper setting, providing you with an additional safety factor, piece of mind and reduced maintenance.

The Available Engine Roll-Out
Reduces potential down time by providing fast and easy engine and transmission maintenance. Mounted separately on a Spartan work platform, the mechanic can easily roll out the power train for fast access to all compartments.


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