Announcing a line of gas motor home chassis so loaded with features that enhance your RV experience, you'll want to insist on it for your next motor home.  No matter the brand name of the coach.

     It's the Workhorse W Series platform: the 22,000 lb. GVWR W22 and the 20,700 lb. GVWR W20 platform.  The W Series is so powerful, so driver friendly and thoughtfully engineered, it surpasses all other gas motor home chassis - and many diesels - in just about every benchmark.  Power, Performance, handling, Fuel economy.  Just to name a few.

     With its higher capacity and awesome power, the W Series platform frees you up to choose more slide-outs, pack heavier loads and tow to your heart's content.  And a host of sophisticated suspension features makes it handle more like a SUV than a wallowing truck or hard-to-maneuver motor home.

     What's more, you get the best after-the-sale service and support in the industry.  For a gas motor home without comparison, make sure it starts with a Workhorse W Series platform.

Bringing a brand new chassis line to market within a year was unheard of in the automotive world.  Until Workhorse.  We repeatedly heard requests from customers for a bigger, more powerful gas motor home that's a sheer pleasure to own and drive.  We responded with the industry's best engineering team, product development staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  The result?  The incomparable W Series platform.

    We're the only chassis company that's part of the RV industry.  While less than one percent of our competitor's products go to RVers, 60 percent of our output does.  This helps explain why we're so committed to fulfilling the needs and desires of RVers.  It also explains why our single focus is providing the best ownership experience possible through products and after-the-sale services representing the ultimate in quality and value.

     From the development of exciting new products to our exclusive one-stop service network and 24-hour roadside assistance program, our commitment shows- over and over again.  It's a commitment that can make all the difference in the world to your RVing good times.

     Every now and again, a product comes around that's so revolutionary you have to jump to the next logical category to find a comparison. A TV so huge you call it a home theater.  A pickup so beefed up you call it a rig.

     The new Workhorse W Series gas motor home platform is so advanced, you're more likely to compare it to a diesel platform than to other gas chassis.

     Stated differently, no other gas platform has such an array of features to enhance your motor home enjoyment: Automobile-like handling and exquisite straight-line control.  Plus increased cockpit space, low maintenance and ling life.

     In addition, the W22 -  with its 22,000 lb. GVWR capacity, larger wheels and higher rails - is the most diesel-like gas motor home chassis of all.  Finally you can get the slide-outs you never thought possible in a gas motor home, plus liberal basement storage possibilities.

The most diesel-like gas platform ever.

   Now you can enjoy a gas motor home that’s bigger, more feature packed and with more diesel-inspired features than ever before. The Workhorse W24 chassis makes it possible.

   With its impressive 24,000 lb. GVWR, you can select added comfort features and take along more things that make motor home living your passion. Experience extra conveniences like multiple slide-outs, expanded interior room and increased cargo potential.

   What’s more, its best-in-class 30,000 lb. GCWR capacity lets you tow up to three tons — one ton more than any other gas motor home. This makes it easy to take your truck, van, SUV or boat behind your motor home. Plus, the W24 is equipped with lots of high-end features usually found only in diesel coaches.

   When you're looking for one of today's premier motor homes, ask if it's available on the W24. And take a test drive.

     For a level of performance never available before in a gas platform, you'll find the W Series in a class by itself.



Imagine having such awesome power you can pass a line of motor homes and trucks on a mountain road. Leave V-10s far behind on any hill. Quickly switch lanes in heavy traffic. Or merge into a busy interstate with confidence. Well, now you can.







     Introducing the GM Vortec
8100, 8.1 liter engine. With 340 hp and 455 lb.-ft of torque, it's the biggest, most powerful gas RV engine ever built. And in independent tests, it easily outperformed a competitive V-10 and a 260 hp diesel.

     Cast in the mold of GM's legendary big block tradition, and with 80 percent new parts, the GM Vortec 8100 is as sophisticated as it it powerful. Faster acceleration and overtaking ability. Quiet operation. Better gas mileage. Low maintenance. And a life expectancy of 200,000 miles.


The Stabil-Ride suspension is specifically designed for the W Series. The suspension includes a hefty I-beam, single stage parabolic with auxiliary spring and custom tuned Monroe shock absorbers. All the components are carefully integrated to generate the best-in-class ride and dandling plus incredible straight-line stability and comfort.

Allison 1000 Series

The Allison 1000 Series electronic transmission is the same one used for many diesel pushers. No other gas chassis are available with a 5-speed transmission. With its close gear ratio and full electronic control over shift points, the transmission provides incredibly smooth shifting, increased fuel economy, and exceptional launch, hill climbing and towing capabilities.
Variable ratio steering gear provides improved driver control and easier steering as corners get tighter. The ratio increases as the wheel is turned, providing a better sense of driver control. And the 45 angle wheel cut gives you a surprisingly sharp turning radius.

Timer Graph

As the owner of a motor home built on a Workhorse chassis, you can take to the road with full assurance you're never far from first-rate service and support - no matter where you travel.

     It's all part of the Workhorse advantage: a dedication to customer care and total satisfaction that goes far beyond anything provided by other chassis manufacturers.  We're the only chassis maker that's part of the RV industry.  So we do all we can to ensure your total satisfaction.

     One-stop service facilities.  Only Workhorse lets you get your chassis, engine and drivetrain warranty service at RV dealers across North America.  As a result, you can get service for both the chassis and coach of your Workhorse-powered motor home at hundreds of Certified Chassis Care Centers in our network.  This revolutionary  approach to customer care cuts your service trips in half and provides unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.

     The dedicated chassis service network in the industry.  With hundreds of Workhorse Certified Chassis Care Centers for chassis warranty service in the U.S. and Canada, you can go anywhere with confidence you're never far from Workhorse service.  Service centers are located at RV dealers, many GM dealers and independent service facilities for your convenience. For a complete list of Chassis Care locations, visit our Web site at

     Three year or 36,000 mile warranty.  Every motor home built on a Workhorse platform is covered by a factory warranty for the engine, drivetrain and chassis for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.*

     24-hour roadside assistance program for RV owners, Workhorse provides assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week any - where in the U.S. and Canada.  A network of 20,qualified RV roadside assistance providers is available for emergencies such as jump starts and towing. It's provided free to new motor home owners with a Workhorse chassis for the first three years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.  With Workhorse service, you're never alone.



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