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Family Friendly Floorplans

Cedar Creek

  • 36RD5S -fw
  • 36RD5S -fw
  • 36BSA -fw


  • 33LBHSA -fw
  • 33LBHTS -fw
  • 35L4QB -fw
  • 36L5S -fw
  • 362 Options
  • 32LBHS -tt

2008  Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel Floorplans

32TK -fw

34RLSA -fw

34SATS -fw

36BSA -fw

36RD5S -fw



37RDQS -fw
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2008  Silverback Fifth Wheel Floorplans

30LRKSA -fw

30LRL -fw

30LSA -fw


33LBHSA -fw

33LBHTS -fw

35L4QB -fw

36L5S -fw

362 Options

2008  Silverback Travel Trailer Floorplans

31LDS -tt

32LBHS -tt

32LFGBS -tt


2009  Silverback GII Floorplans

GII 32WRL -fw

GII 34WBH -fw

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Due to continual research and advances, manufacturers and Giant RV reserves the right to change specifications, design, price and equipment without notice, and assumes no responsibility for any error in this literature. Some items shown are not included as standard or optional equipment. Please verify the actual Equipment installed on any Specific Vehicle Prior to Purchase.


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